Welcome to Stream Juggler Platform 1.1.1 Documentation!

The Stream Juggler Platform (SJ-Platform) is an open source, scalable solution for stream and micro-batched processing. The system fits for building both simple and complex event processing systems (CEP) and allows a developer to construct pipelines for analyzing data streams.

The Stream Juggler Platform uses Apache Mesos, Apache Kafka and T-streams to construct scalable and flexible processing algorithms. It enables exactly-once processing and provides an integrated solution with a RESTful interface, JavaScript UI and an ad hoc repository for modules, services, streams and other data processing pipeline components.

Thus, the SJ-Platform is a system that allows high-throughput, fault-tolerant stream processing of live data streams. Data can be ingested from different sources like Apache Kafka, or via TCP connections, and can be processed using complex algorithms. Finally, processed data can be pushed out to filesystems, external databases.

The documentation presented here corresponds to SJ-Platform Release 1.1.1. It gives a complete understanding of the system, its components, basic features fulfilled in it.


A detailed Tutorial provides real-life example tasks resolved with SJ-Platform as well as detailed platform deployment instructions.

Creating Modules

The Custom Module Development Guide section explains how to write a module using a simple hello-world example.

API and UI documentation

SJ-Platform provides REST API and Web UI for users to easily manage the platform. The UI Guide and the REST API Guide may be of utmost importance for platform administrators.

SJ-Platform 1.1.1 documentation general structure:

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